Water Quality in New Construction Homes

Monday, August 12th, 2019 by Nick Koz

Water Quality in New Construction Homes

You New Home is Beautiful, What About Your Water Quality

When you build a new home there are so many decisions to be made and details to be addressed that we’ve found your new home’s water quality is often overlooked, not because it isn’t important but because you become distracted by the sheer volume of other things that require your attention.


Managing a general contractor, tracking budgets, trying to decide between brushed aluminum or nickel fixtures and what style of crown molding to choose from – often means the quality of your drinking water becomes the last thing on your list to worry about.


Water Quality in New Construction is usually an After Thought

We know it isn’t that it isn’t important to you, it just becomes really easy to start allowing water quality of your new home to be moved down the priority list for the more pressing and time-bound decisions that need to be made on a day to day basis. Before you know it, your dream home is beautifully constructed but you didn’t address one of the most important things in your home that is related to your family’s health – your water.


Drinking water quality is essential, but so is having good quality, conditioned water in your home to protect your pipes, new fixtures and appliances.


After you’ve made an investment in building a new home, you’ve also purchased brand new appliances, and you will want to ensure you get the full life out of those appliances. The best way to do that is to invest in the right water softener system for your home. Having the right water softener installed for your particular type of water will protect your investment for years to come.


What You Can Do to Improve Your New Home’s Water Quality

There are a variety of water filtration and water conditioning systems available that will improve the water quality in your new home


We can help you with the quality of your new home construction before it becomes an issue. Call us at 630.864-7078.




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