Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 by Nick Koz

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis Makes Better Drinking Water

You’re probably aware of reverse osmosis but do you know what it means for your drinking water in your home?

A reverse osmosis system in your home eliminates harmful contaminants in your drinking water.  

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are tested and certified so you can be confident that lead, arsenic, copper, nitrates, chromium, selenium, fluoride, radium, barium, cadmium, cryptosporidium and TDS are all removed from your family’s drinking water.


Bottled Water Hazards

Not only does bottled water create an excess amount of waste, but the chemicals in the plastic itself can be harmful to us.

Just because your water bottle is labeled “BPA Free” doesn’t mean it’s safe. These chemicals are still found in BPA-Free containers:

  • Phthalates
  • BPS & BPF
  • Polyvinylcholoride

The two primary concerns with bottled drinking water come from the plastic chemicals leaking into the water itself as well as microplastics (plastic fibers) that have been found present in bottled drinking water.

Although studies on both BPA and microplastics are not entirely conclusive, we do know that there is enough evidence to cause alarm and for the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) started prohibiting the use of BPA in baby bottles, sports bottles and thermoses back in 2012.


Protect Your Family on the Go

Investing in a home reverse osmosis system will provide your family with safe drinking water free of BPA contaminants.

Instead of using plastic water bottles - purchase one of these alternatives for each member of your family so you can avoid drinking bottled water when away from home:

  • Stainless steel drinking cups and thermoses
  • Glass bottles
  • BPA-free plastic bottles


Affordable Drinking Water Safe for the Entire Family

Our bodies are composed of 60% water – and we can’t live without it. Doesn’t it make since to be sure we’re getting the very best quality available?

Give your family, clean, contaminant-free water. Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems for your home have many advantages

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certified to reduce many contaminants
  • Quick change cartridges
  • Faucets to match your kitchen decor


We’re here to answer your questions and help you with a reverse osmosis drinking water system for your home. Call us at 630.864-7078.

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